Xafi (left) and Auri (right)

Both Auri and Xafi are so-called "American Type" Russian Blue Cats. Russian Blue cats are pedigree cats known for their short, dense and silver-tipped "blue" coat, vivid green eyes and enigmatic smile. 

There are two more Russian Blue types, the Scandinavian Type and the British type (not to confuse with the British Blue which is another name for the British Shorthair cat!).

We American Types are different in built, coat colour, eye and ear shape displaying a smaller, longer body, light blue to silver coloured fur, wider ears and more rounded eyes. 

In general Russian Blue Cats are known for their gentle, intelligent and independent nature. They are avid shoulder riders and many learn to play fetch like a puppy. Instead of meowing they often chirp, but are generally rather quiet cats.

If  you want to learn some more about the breed and it's types check out the TICA, CFA and GCCF websites. 

Hi, my name is Xafi...

...also know as Xafi-Floof or Miss Nice. I am the cuddly, affectionate and well-behaved counterpart to Auri's cheeky and naughty nature.

How it all began

I was born on the 28th of April 2016 in the UK. My humans adopted me in August 2016 which was, they say, the best thing they have every done. In January 2017 my little sister Auri joined us. 

Who is Xafi?

I am my humans' cuddle Queen they say. From the start I wouldn't leave their side and I demand cuddles (loudly) all the time. I love snuggling up in bed with them and sitting on their lap when they work or watch TV. I can play fetch and have never really done anything naughty (until Auri came along...). 

My coat is particularly light, almost silver-white which made me stand out from my siblings and helps the humans distinguish me from Auri very quickly. It has darekened with age but the difference is still visible in certain light conditions.

Both Auri and I are leash-trained and occasionally go for adventures outside on the terrace or countryside. We are also happy travel-cats and sometimes join our humans on weekends away.

Besides Auri and me there is now also a red fluffbal called Errol in the house as well as three scaly residents in this home, our scaly brothers.

In our Instagram account you can follow our daily adventures and see our photos. Feel free to follow us and let us know your thoughts and any questions via our contact page.

Hi, my name is Auri

... also know as Flooflet or Miss Naughty. Whereas Xafi rarely does anything naughty or forbidden I have broken every rule in the book since I joined the family in early 2017.

Why cat number two?

Originally wethe humans did not want a second cat, but they felt Xafi would prefer a partner in crime since she is very affectionate and needs a lot of love. In January 2017 I joined and it was love (almost) at first sight. It didn't take long for Xafi to realise I was not a devil-kitten and we have been the best of pals ever since.

Who is Auri?

The humans say I am definitely the naughty one. Well Errol is currently threatening to steal that title from me, but we will see. A nickname I held back above is "Klepto-Cat" because I steal things and run away and hide them. I also love shredding toilet paper and attacking blankets and cat beds. But I am also very endearing if I want to be. While not as cuddly as Xafi, I love to take afternoon naps in bed with Mummy or surprise-jump on the humans' lap and purr very loudly.

Unlike Xafi, who is a little camera shy, I love posing for photos. Mummy says half the time she can't get good photos because she has to laugh at me trying to give her my best meowdeling poses.

I am also more playful than Xafi and do the highest and most athletic jumps to catch my nemesis - the feather toy. Equally I cry the loudest for treats and would do ANYTHING for tuna.

On our Instagram account you can follow our daily adventures and see our photos. Feel free to follow us, if you don't follow us already, and let us know your thoughts and any questions via our contact page.

Hi, my name is Good Boy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm

...aka Errol. I joined the family in summer 2018 coming all the way from Germany. I am a Somali cat which is like a long-haired Abyssinian cat.

Why cat number three?

The humans thought long and hard whether a third cat was the right choice for the family, but none of us have regretted the decision for one second since they brought me home with them. In our blog you can read all about why they decided on a third cat and how the introduction process with Xafi and Auri went.

Who is Errol?

If Auri is the mischief maker, I'm definitely the trouble maker. I want to be involved in anything and everything that is going on the house. When the humans are cooking I always sit on the kitchen island watching avidly and chatting with them throughout.

From day one I have been a purring, meowing eating machine with endless energy and slobbery tendencies. I love to lick everything - my sisfurs, the humans, their clothing, their bags, phones - you name it! I also love food. Like a lot. Like "I will punch the humans in the face in the morning to wake them at 6am sharp for breakfast" a lot.

I am also bringing quite a new energy in the house. The humans hoped I would be a playmate for Auri who has always been more active than Xafi. But I have enough enrgy to keep both of them busy - playing, friendly chasing, cuddling and playing again.

I haven't been leash-trained yet, but the humans hope to do so soon since they believe I would really enjoy it. I love travelling and think that going to the vet is the best fun ever. They love me there because I charm them all shamelessly while there. I also love strangers visiting a lot and greet them with loud meows (you know, in case they have some food for me).

If you want to learn more about me check out my own Instagram, separate from my sisfurs. There you can follow my daily adventures and see my photos. Feel free to follow me here.

Mummy and Catdad

Mummy aka @Anneken.Prsck is our main social media manager. Catdad aka @formalchicken.tim is mostly responsible for videography. He also manages Errol's Instagram account.


Mummy is originally from Germany, but fell in love with the UK (and a certain someone from the UK) and now lives in Reading, UK. Since she can remember she wanted to have cats and we are her dream come true. She loves hiking and photography and us of course.


Catdad is a Yorkshire man and met Mummy when they were both at University in Wales. He is also a big fan of hiking and photography as well as flying his drone for videography and photography purposes (ans well as fun of course).


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