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Autumn Exploring

October 8, 2017
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It has been a little while since our posts about our Cornish adventure so I thought I share a few photos from one of the outdoor trips we recently did.


We try and go outside with the girls as often as we can. Auri loves it and while Xafi still needs a bit of time to get used to it she gets more confident every time.


For our outing we went to a nearby park. It can be tricky to find a lovely place with little footfall and no dogs, but these places do exist. Reading is a very vibrant town, but it is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful countrysides in England: The Berkshire Downs, the Chilterns, the Cotswolds and the New Forest are all just a short car journey away from the town.

Xafi and Catdad

Reading itself is not particularly known for its beauty, but we love it here - not too big or too small. Close to London but also Oxford and if you drive ten minutes in either direction out of Reading you are immediately in beautiful countryside. Even Reading itself can be very beautiful, I mean look at this:

Old Gas Tower

The Blade

Being so close to lovely areas of natural beauty gives us lots of opportunities to take the girls to remote places and just enjoy a sunny afternoon in nature.


We do have another holiday planned as well. At the end of October we will attend a friend's wedding in Wales and will spend a long weekend at the Welsh coast. We hope the weather will be nice enough to take the girls to the beach again.

We will of course be taking lots of photos on our trip and share videos once we are back.


Thank you for reading and have a lovely week everyone!

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